Hello everyone and welcome to TRUTH!

This page will be like my diary on the web, where I will be writing from times to times about my gigs, my thoughts and opinions on various stuff and also about all types of experiences I have whilst on the road.

Why having named it TRUTH?
When I was in Chicago on my way to Milwaukee on March 1st I got stuck in a huge snowstorm and was never able to make it to the gig in Milwaukee. The next day, March 2nd, I spent over 10 hours at the Chicago airport waiting for my flight to Providence for the Millenium Bal gig, which kept on being delayed and delayed and delayed until night time when the airline told me that the flight had been cancelled and all the passengers had been transferred to the last and only flight of the day which, of course (Murphy’s law!), had no more space for me to be on, so I missed that gig too!!
I felt really bad in regards to the promoters; the club owners; the people who were at the gig and were looking forward to hear me play; and also for myself since, after all, I spent the whole weekend missing gigs and stuck in an airport and in the snow! (I wish I had Amber with me at least — that’s my snowboard’s name).
Fortunately on that weekend I had two amazing persons looking after me, Alena and Joe, from Pure in Chicago. They stayed with me all the time, brought me record shopping and stayed with me at the airport the whole day on that Saturday. We had fun all together but we were so exhausted! When I mentioned I was thinking of starting up a diary on my website to talk about the real things; about what really happened at that time or at that gig, etc., I was really wondering how I could have named such page and Joe suddenly came up with the name TRUTH for me. Fantastic I said! And now here it is. 🙂

I will be writing some more soon about my next adventures.

All the best to all of you out there.

Barbara x


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