Just Love.

Last night I had the pleasure of playing at a Brooklyn Gay Pride after party event, in the incredible Analog BKNY club. I spent the night surrounded by only men. But different kind of men. Those men who smile at me simply because they are happy, not because they’re after my butt. Those men who don’t rape women. Those men around which women actually feel safe, as they know they won’t be bothered at all, because those men love other men. Love. That’s all. Just, love.
I had a wonderful night, only to wake up this morning to the saddest news of the shooting in Orlando. All those innocent lives wasted for no other reason than same-gender-loving.
Loving. That’s all. Just, loving.
Among the immense feeling of sadness, confusion and anger I have been feeling since this morning, one thought keeps spinning in my mind: that shooting could have easily been in Brooklyn. I could have lost my life yesterday, just because I was in a gay party, after a gay pride parade, making a bunch of happy people dance.
You all have friends, kids, siblings, family. Homosexuality is among all of you, closer than you think. STOP looking at it as a disease, because if you do – you’re the one with the disease. Nothing should be more accepted and protected than the simple desire to love. Love. That’s all. Just, love. ❤️