Last night I had the pleasure of playing at a Brooklyn Gay Pride after party event, in the incredible Analog BKNY club. I spent the night surrounded by only men. But different kind of men. Those men who smile at me simply because they are happy, not because they’re after my butt. Those men who don’t rape women. Those men … (read more)

“After my last post below Theatre Telus completely removed the facebook event including my name which is all I was asking for. With this post I would also like to underline the fact that I have absolutely nothing against Telus. I even worked with them in the past on the music for two TV advertisement and was also part of (read more)

It’s July 11th… I haven’t been writing crazy stories about my travels for a long time. Now that I think about it, it’s probably because I didn’t have major bad lucks happening to me in a while. I think the last one I recall was in August 2008, when my plane leaving from Sicily to go to Paris, where I … (read more)

Hey everyone!

Sorry for letting such a long time pass by before writing a new Truth!

As you can imagine I’m really busy these days, now handling two careers at the same time, getting ready to release my album on the international market as well as being pretty much swamped by a pile of remixes to do!

Nevertheless, my life … (read more)