Explanation of Montreal’s gig cancellation

“I would like to be more explicit in regards to this post and avoid any confusion or rumors. I canceled due to contractual reasons because the club didn’t promote the event at all, except for creating a Facebook event that maybe only 20 people saw. I love playing in Montreal dearly and I choose to play here not more than 2-3 times a year so that it always stays special, therefore there’s no way that one out of those 2-3 times will be dedicated to play in an empty club because they didn’t do their job at all. Originally I only accepted to do this gig as a favor to my friend Christian Smith, but I regret getting involved. They still haven’t removed my name from their Facebook event, so beware of that. At this point that’s false promotion and exploitation of my name. It’s a shame that clubs like these are still around trying to do business. They should get out of the way completely and just let the professional and real passionate ones do it.”