New release from Misstress Barbara on her label Iturnem

Misstress Barbara is back on her record label Iturnem Music with a timeless techno EP that features three of her hard-hitting tracks.

Hailing from Italy, but currently living in Canada, Misstress Barbara is an iconic techno artist, and one of the first female superstar DJs. In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s she was consistantly voted inside DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs, and decades later Misstress Barbara still plays headline shows all over the world.

Iturnem Music is her classic record label that Misstress Barbara recently reinvigorated to become the main outlet for her own productions, but she has also released music via other prestigious outlets ranging from Carl Cox’s Intec to Christian Smith’s Tronic.

She chose her DJ name due to being a perfectionist who is constantly looking to improve and refine herself. Hence the combination of “Miss” and “stress” used to create a satirical surname which reflects the fact she is always stressing about her music.

First up, “Your Eyes On Me” blends fast-paced percussion and a modulating lead synth with seductive vocals to create a hypnotic track with vigorous energy.

Track two, “Your Hands On Me” has hardgroove percussion layered with an uplifting melody and captivating vocals that add to the track’s hands-in-the-air vibe.

The last track on the EP, “Your Mouth On Me” is a percussive track with dramatic synth stabs and a menacing bassline that underpins the high-energy groove. 

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