Live more, plan less and happy new year!

A couple of weeks ago my mother said that planning was just a waste of time and energy, since nothing ever goes as planned… For me, not planning is probably one of the hardest things to do, but since the moment I stepped foot in Europe on the last day of 2016, things just turned out to be the opposite from every single plan that was made; whether for work; for leisure; for anything and everything.
And it made me realize that that was pretty much the recap of my 2016: all the most wonderful things that happened to me were totally unexpected, while all I had planned for barely happened. So I wonder, if all would have gone like I had wished for, would what turned out to be the most amazing surprises and highlights of my year have occurred? Maybe not, but I will never know.
Am I healthy, am I lucky, am I happy with the outcome? Yes.
So I think I really learned my lesson on this one, and if in 2017 I can manage being a little lighter in the field of planning, and maybe a little more spontaneous and worry-free, it will be already a huge step towards what they call living in the present moment and truly feel happiness. ✨
But what will be will be, that’s the moral of the story.
Enjoy life for what it is if you can, sometimes the less pleasant surprise is no less than a blessing in disguise…