R.I.P. Robert Miles

It was 1996. I decided I would become a DJ and since that moment there was no looking back for me. When I was going out I was taking note of every single record my favorite DJs were playing so I could grab a copy for myself. One night, a DJ from France named DJ Cyber played “Children” by Robert Miles. He played the promo. I dared disturbing him so I could ask him the name of the track, which I couldn’t look up on the turntable since it was a white label. My mouth fell on the floor and it took me all night to close it again. I was amazed by what was, back then, a true masterpiece. A track that completely influenced me and surely all the DJs at that time. Whatever the style. Trance, techno, house… Back then it had no relevance whatsoever. When I eventually got my copy of that record I was the happiest girl on earth!! Those are amazing memories that belong to the golden era of DJs. The best years, hands down. When the music counted and lasted more than a week in DJs record boxes, or people’s ears.
Tonight, I am profoundly sad about the news that Robert Miles passed away. It’s another piece of those best years that is slowly fading away 😔 RIP Robert and thank you for the magic ✨🙏🏽