My B2B with Carl Cox

The entrance of Carl Cox for our B2B at Beachclub yesterday. Here’s the description of every emotion of mine in this whole clip, almost per second.
Sec 1: Carl walks on stage behind me. Sec 3: I put my hand on my side, surprised and happy I say “well hello you!”😻 First hug at sec 5 but I’m so overly excited and becoming so emotional that I say “faaaaaaaark” while bending down at sec 9. I really need a sip of champagne to snap out of it, sec 16. 🍾 Sec 21: after my sip I open my arms ready to give Carl a real hug. I’m just so happy, sec 22-23-24-25. ❤️
Sec 26: I’m so shy, I don’t want it to show, I have to look away so I try to focus, sec 27. ☺️ Sec 32: Carl asks me if we do two tracks each, answer is yep ✌🏽
I turn my head away again and try to focus but omgggggg I’m so happy I can’t keep my face serious, I hide behind my hair and smile like a little girl, sec 35. 👧🏽 In fact, I just can’t believe I’m about to play a B2B with my long time precious teddy bear friend Carl 🐻 so much disbelief that I put a hand on my face, sec 37. Wake me up someone, am I dreaming? Sec 43: getting ready for take off. We are so connected that I can feel the exact moment where he puts his headphones on his head, even without looking at him, sec 51 (it’s called magic 💫) Sec 54: we are ready to rock and the beat drops at second 59! 💣💥☄️🔥
To be continued… 🙌🏽