R.I.P. Avicii

I am extremely saddened to hear about the news of the passing of Avicii. I recently came across an interview of him when he announced retirement at just 26, and I was so surprised to read such honest words coming out of his mouth about how difficult touring life is. Simply because that’s exactly how I started feeling about 11 years ago, after the loss of my father. Suddenly, the lack of sleep, the loneliness on the road, the constant traveling, the lack of authenticity in most people you meet, the amount of drugs intake from just about anyone in the business, and so much crap, all became unbearable for me, so I really felt the urgent need to slow down and balance my life with other things than just touring. Most people to this day still don’t understand it. 

So when I read his words, all I could feel was an enormous amount of respect for being so blunt about it all, and courageous enough to be putting it out there even though he was scared of being told he was ungrateful, because of all the success he’s had… It was a very inspiring act. That’s what I call being real. And, sadly, this fierce business has no place for pure authenticity. It’s just very sad. 

Rip Avicii 🙌🏽