It’s July 11th… I haven’t been writing crazy stories about my travels for a long time. Now that I think about it, it’s probably because I didn’t have major bad lucks happening to me in a while. I think the last one I recall was in August 2008, when my plane leaving from Sicily to go to Paris, where I … (read more)

Hey everyone!

Sorry for letting such a long time pass by before writing a new Truth!

As you can imagine I’m really busy these days, now handling two careers at the same time, getting ready to release my album on the international market as well as being pretty much swamped by a pile of remixes to do!

Nevertheless, my life … (read more)

La semaine dernière j’ai eu mon baptême télé en tant que chanteuse, à l’émission Belle Et Bum.

Depuis la sortie de mon album j’ai chanté souvent “live” à la radio, mais à la télé c’était la première fois. J’ai tellement trippé!! J’ai été vraiment époustouflée par l’équipe qui travaille à Belle Et Bum! Ok, première fois en tant que chanteuse, … (read more)

Last saturday July 11th, at Club Soda, Montreal, a little after midnight….

I was hiding behind black curtains, waiting to come on stage while I was hearing the voice of the host briefly describing my career and the recent release of my new album “I’m No Human” to the crowd. I was nervous…… SO nervous! I could not believe that … (read more)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you my feelings about my first video clip experience! This past weekend in Toronto we shot the video clip for my next single “I’m Running” of my upcoming album, which is the duet that I sang along with Sam Roberts.

The director of the clip was Lisa Mann, based out of Toronto. … (read more)

I’m so happy to be back here! I loooooove this island! It’s only yesterday that I realized that I was born in an island (sicily) and moved to another island (montreal), so of course I have a weakness for islands!! Mallorca is full of nice memories for me, I used to spend at least one month in summer time over … (read more)